How To Make Your Android Device Boot Faster in 2023


Android is indeed a great mobile OS, and rooting makes it exceptional, as you can do many things on your device that you can’t without rooting. Rooting voids the warranty, but it gives you administrator access to your device.

Until now, we discussed many cool rooted Android tricks, and we will share an excellent scheme that will allow you to boot your Android faster. Some Android devices take minutes to start, which often bothers users.

Tips on how to make your Android device boot faster in 2023

  • Update your phone to the latest OS version: Android version updates often include software optimizations that can reduce boot time. To update your phone, go to Settings > System > System update.

  • Avoid overfilling your internal storage: The more storage space you have available, the faster your phone will boot. To free up storage space, delete unused apps, photos, videos, and other files.

  • Disable or uninstall unused apps: Apps that are running in the background can slow down your phone's boot time. To disable an app, go to Settings > Apps and tap on the app you want to disable. To uninstall an app, tap on the Uninstall button.

  • Turn off animations: Animations can add a few seconds to your phone's boot time. To turn off animations, go to Settings > Developer options and scroll down to the Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale options. Set each of these options to 0.5x or 1x.

  • Keep your phone's RAM free: When your phone's RAM is full, it can slow down your phone's boot time. To free up RAM, close any apps that you're not using. You can also use a RAM cleaner app to help you free up RAM.

  • Perform a factory reset: If all else fails, you can perform a factory reset to restore your phone to its original settings. This will delete all of your data, so make sure to back up your data before you do this.

  • Use a lightweight launcher: A lightweight launcher can help make your home screen and app drawer load faster. Some popular lightweight launchers include Nova Launcher and Lightning Launcher.
  • Disable unnecessary startup apps: Certain apps may start up automatically when you boot your phone. These apps can slow down your boot time. To disable unnecessary startup apps, go to Settings > Apps > Startup and uncheck the boxes next to the apps you don't want to start up automatically.


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