How to Make a Slideshow Automatically

We can create an automated slideshow using various software applications and tools depending on our preferences and the devices we are using. Here's a general guide to making a slideshow automatically:

Determine your slideshow software
 Choose software that suits your needs. Some popular options include Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slides, or specialized slideshow software like Adobe Spark or Prezi.

Gather content
First, Collect the images and videos you want to include in your slideshow and make sure they're saved on your computer.

 Open the software and Start a new slideshow

Open the program and look for an option to create a new project or presentation.

Add slides
Find a button that says "New Slide" or something similar to add new slides to your presentation.

Insert media
 Look for an "Insert" or "Add Media" button to add your images and videos to each slide.

Choose slide transitions Decide
 How do you want the slides to change from one to the next. You can usually pick from options like fading, sliding, or dissolving.

Set slide timings
 Decide how long each slide should be shown before it moves to the next one. Some programs let you set specific times, while others have automatic timings.

 Add text or captions (optional)

If you want to include words on your slides, find a text box or caption area on each slide and type in what you want to say.

Add Music ( Optional)
If you are creating the slide for the Facebook story or other social media. You can upload music you want or use royalty-free songs that are available in the program.

 Preview and make adjustments

 Before you finish your slideshow, check to make sure everything looks good. Look for any mistakes or problems with the pictures or videos. Fix anything that needs to be changed.

 Save your slideshow
Save your project file so you can make changes later if needed.


Export or present the slideshow
 Decide if you want to turn your slideshow into a video file or if you want to present it directly using the program. Choose the option that suits your needs.

And that is how you can use an automatic slideshow.


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